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Hello dear reader. Welcome to the newly improved Travel Junkie Manila!  If you found your way to this blog through cotton candies and cynicism, thanks for being curious enough to click the link. If you just happen to stumble upon this, hope you'll enjoy what you found. Nonetheless, I wish you'd accompany me throughout my journey.

This just used to be a part of my personal homepage. But to clear my head and organize my thoughts, I've decided to create an entirely new blog for everything about travel in my life. Apparently, I like order. (Who knew?!) You wouldn't guess it if you'd look at my bedroom. As I tell my brother whenever I would ask him to get my mobile, that place is a war zone.

So here I am, a girl from the third world attempting to explore Manila and The World on a shoestring. Glamorous (fascinatingly attractive, esp. in a mysterious or magical way) my magazine job might be, it pays rather poorly. It can hardly sustain a decent life, much less fund trips. So God, in his inexplicable ways, continue to bless me with the money to do what I love to do.

Traveling is my delight, my joy. Traveling or not traveling really does affect me. I remember K, a former officemate of mine, telling me that she refused to talk to me the week I left for China in '08. I appeared to be on the brink of insanity and would likely explode the second she nags me into doing something. (You see, I've been local for 10 months and It was driving me crazy!)  I never thought I could ever be that frightening.

Nora Roberts phrased it perfectly in her novel, 'Heart Of The Sea.'
'She'd been desperate to go away. To see something, almost anything that wasn't what she saw every day of her life. Restlesness was a sensation she was accustomed to, even appreciated about herself. But this had been like a panther inside her, pacing and snarling and ready to claw its way out of her and leap on the people she loved best.'

Put simply, Wanderlust is pumping through my veins.
Its expensive and wipes out my life savings.
Its insane.
And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Again, Welcome and I hope you'd stay.

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  1. punta ka ulit dito, Coni! and tell me you're here. you only got to hang out with curtis. :(

  2. hi rachel! :-) the minute i book a flight to singapura, i'll let you know. :-)


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