Mt. Batulao Day Climb

7:15 PM

What a way to start the year.

Last Sunday, five of my friends and I climbed Mt. Batulao in Batangas.  Just in case you don't know, its the mountain range to the left of the fork heading to Caleruega Church.

Mt. Batulao is a minor climb with a superb view of the the Tagaytay ridge and Taal Volcano, the flat lands of Batangas and Cavite, Taal Lake and Laguna de Bay (?). Safe to say, it is one of the prettiest and most rewarding climbs a few hours from Manila. And the best thing about it is that you can reach the summit and head back to the city within the day!

But for the heavy person like me, it was a bit hard. The excess weight and sedentary lifestyle didn't do me any good. My friends - who are all half my size, hardly broke a sweat. They were about half a kilometer ahead of me throughout the two-hour hike and that made me feel like a lumbering hippo. Tsk.Tsk. (I really should lose the frigging extra weight.)

I can barely take another step!

I finally caught up with them. Hehehe.And isn't it soooo pretty? Thanks Colleen!
Now, cut to the wide shot!

 That's a horse's behind. :-)

 The Best Lunch In The World

 I met some village kids on the way down.

I went home barely alive but felt inexplicably great. Conquering a mountain when you're my size does something good to the spirit. Will I do it again? You're damn right!

1. Train for even the most minor of climbs. (or lose as much excess pounds as you can!)
2. Slather on Sunscreen.  I forgot to do so and ended up reporting for work with a mean sunburn the next day. Ouch.
3. Bring two liters of water, a change of clothes, packed in a very light backpack .
4. Hire a local if you want a guide. Ours was a 13-year old boy named Romel. He was staring out their window when he hollered at us.
5. Be courteous. Don't forget your manners and remember to always address other climers with a maam and sir. That's the mountain climber's linggo.

*Petrol: P500
*Toll Fee: P196 (P78 one way)
Food and Drinks: P250 (or less)
Mountain Fee: P20 each person
*Guide Fee: P100

*You can split amongst yourselves.

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