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11:47 PM

My dearest friend Carver is currently in New York City about to be trained by some of the best people in the publishing industry. I sit here jealous of everything that training means yet I am also, in equal parts, ecastatic for him.  I am dying to sit in any of their meetings and take in all that valuable knowledge and get to meet remarkable people in the industry.  

And you see, the company moved mountains to get him on that plane, cross the Pacific and mainland America, to reach the Big Apple. He's THAT important to the company. Then again, if you're as talented as he is, anyone in her right mind would do everything to hold on to you as long as possible. (FYI: that trip came with strings attached.) 

Armed with Lonely Planet's NYC Encounter,  he's supposed to explore the city for a couple of days. (And It is my fervent wish that he gets to meet the most fabulous man while doing so!)

Though most of the cities in America are at the bottom of my places-to-see-before-i-die, NYC is quite the exception. I don't know. It must be due to all the movies, tv shows, and books I've read that were set in New York. So, I've come up with the  top five things I'd do when I finally walk the streets of the Big Apple.

1. Step inside the Conde Nast building.
2. Eat at Gray's Papaya.
3. Breathe in the genius at MOMA.
4. Hold up my own sign at the Rockefeller Plaza on the TODAY show. 
5. Have my picture taken in front of the UN building. 

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