Dreaming of Jack... Union Jack that is.

2:45 PM

So where is travel junkie manila heading to next?

Since my trip to Oz last March 2010 practically wiped out every single cent in my bank account, I am locally-bound for the next several months. Though it pains me to accept the cash-crunch I got myself into, I believe it is for the best. You see, I promised myself to step on English soil before my next birthday. So that means, I have less than 349 days to fly myself to England. 

Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Norther Ireland: The Union Flag also known as The Union Jack
And that is no small feat considering these two things going for me: 

1. I basically don't have a pretty penny to my name. 
2. My job doesn't pay well. 

So how am I going to tackle this huge project?  - With lots of PRAYERS and HARD WORK. 

Due Diligence starts now with ------

   I need to come up with a concrete number for my holiday budget. 

To start, my brother T and I went online and searched for airfares.  Here are the top three flights from Manila (Ninoy Aquino Internation Airport) to London (Heathrow.) 

           USD 1209 = P58, 032

(My friend C couldn't believe that Singapore Airlines is at the top of my list. Being the cheapskate that I am, she thinks I might as well spend the difference. But you see, its a dream of mine to fly Singapore Airlines!) 

           USD 1335 = P64, 120

           USD 1339 = P67, 152 

* 1 USD = P48

But canvassing doesn't stop here. I still have to ask a couple of travel agencies and find out who can give me the best price. This means a lot of phone calls to be made. Haaay. The lengths we have to go to to get what we want. 

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  1. Have you checked British Air? That's what I took before and the food was actually pretty good. (But this was back when I didn't have to pay for my own damn flight and didn't have to sit in coach!) Or Cathay--for long-haul coach flights, I've been relatively most comfortable in Cathay. They have good movies! Hehe.

    Or or or...take a budget flight to HK then fly Virgin! Richard Branson!:D Flying Virgin is on my to-do list!

  2. Re: moolah. Racket, racket, racket!:D But don't bite off more than you can chew! I used to work every weekend because every little bit counts. Then invest or put the money in time deposit so a) you don't touch it and b) you get higher returns. (Did you know that the interest from a regular savings account doesn't even beat inflation?!) My rackets paid for trips abroad, my wedding, and stuff for my house! Haha

  3. If I remember right, BA doesn't fly from Manila anymore. :-( But I could check again. I checked Cathay and for some odd reason, its more expensive than SA. Weird. The same is true for Virgin! And that really hurt since flying Virgin is also on my to-do-list!

    I know, have to work like a dog! huhuhu. And if there is anything I've learned these past five years - well, its that I can't bite off more than I can chew. I'm sick and tired of getting into trouble! About savings account and inflation, I read the same thing in Colayco's book! Boo! :-( I have to work on a financial strategy. Haaay! Thanks so much for all the advice! I sooo appreciate it! :-)

  4. do share and update us about how this one goes. i too do not have: 1. a pretty penny to my name and 2. a good paying job. i have been wanting to go to europe for the longest time. sigh. where are all these rackets just when i need them?


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