Davao, Oh Davao!

11:56 AM

One of  the things that bothers me is the fact that I've never been to Mindanao. (Have you?) It's a shame,  really. I've heard stories of the lush environment, heady abundance, and (believe it or not) gentle people. So I figured, why not head to Davao and finally get it done and over with.

The usual (Cebu Pacific) ticket price to Davao is P4,718.56 - a bit pricey for a local destination if you'll ask me.  So I came up with ways on how to go about it.  Should I take a ship to and from Davao? But I asked myself, do I want to be on a ship for that long? I'll be practically wasting my time. So, how about I hop on board a ship to Davao and then fly back to Manila? That sounds a bit more appealing, doesn't it?   But then as luck would have it, Cebu Pacific had a seat sale and I bought myself a ticket to Davao for P2, 953.68! Isn't it just great?!

Next question: Where am I going to stay? Hmmmm....

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