Sir Richard Branson To Be An Attendant On An Air Asia X Flight

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Now that would be something, right?

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson recently (relatively speaking) lost a bet to fellow airline chief exec, Air Asia's Tony Fernandes. The wager? Who's Formula One Team would finish better in this year's season. The loser must attend to passengers on board a flight of the winner's airline.

Air Asia's mock up of how Sir Richard may look like in his uniform.

Though both Branson's Virgin-Cosworth and Fernandes's Lotus-Cosworth didn't garner any point this year, Lotus-Cosworth actually placed higher because "it secured better race finishing positions." Here's the full story from the daily mail.

Sir Richard will be attending to the passengers of Air Asia X's flight from London to Kuala Lumpur on February 21, 2011. (Seats on this flight will be auctioned off. Proceeds will be donated to Sir Richard's charity of choice.)  He is expected to shave his legs, following the company's policy. Though Fernandes conceded and allowed Sir Richard to keep his beard.

Ironically though, Sir Richard's Virgin Group owns 20 percent of Air Asia. In effect, he's helping promote a company he has an interest in.

Image from the daily mail

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