Snapshot of the Day: Coni and Kat in Angkor Wat

9:07 AM

Coni and Kat in Angkor Wat
My officemate and friend Kat and I embarked on a journey to Siem Reap, Cambodia last October 2009. I flew in from Singapore having just watched the F1 race and she revisted Kuala Lumpur where her family lived throughout her high school life.

Here we are on top of the many structures within Angkor Wat. It was a bit tricky to climb up as the steps get narrower as you reach the top. It's a metaphor of heading up to the heavens - gets harder as you go.

Photo taken by our tour guide. (Whom, I believe, quite fancied Kat.)

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  1. Oh have gone places! *jealousy glazing my eyes* :) All of the out of the country places I've been to are office-related. :)


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