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8:48 PM

I was on my 24-hour journey to Melbourne, Australia. Right this very minute, I was at Changi Airport Terminal 1 waiting for my Jetstar flight to Darwin. There I was running from end to end, looking for my check-in counter. I keep on bumping into all sorts of people – families, friends, lovers in every color and race. There was a throng of people in front of the Thai Airways (or was it?) counter though I didn't know what the commotion was all about. Weirdly enough, trolleys kept finding their way into my path. And I had to dodge them every time, like I was in a game or something. Honestly, I couldn’t figure where they came from. A good twenty minutes later, I was finally able to locate my check-in counter and felt like a total dimwit.

As I took my seat at the gate, I remember my heart beating with excitement and slightly opening to possibilities. What will the next two weeks bring me? I was elated to be on the second leg of my journey and can’t wait to cross the equator. But like any normal psycho, there was fear in me too. Accidents do happen especially at the most unexpected of times. But there I was holding on to my boarding pass and browsing through my copy of Lonely Planet, silently praying to the almighty to grant me a holiday to remember. Perhaps this time, I will finally win the lottery. One always prays to hit the jackpot. And needless to say, to even have the slightest chance, she must buy a ticket.

And I did buy myself one.

me, my boarding pass, and my trusty backpack

that's my plane!
my midnight supper a couple of thousand feet above sea level

my new bestfriend: lonely planet city guide: melbourne & victoria

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