METRO NEWS: Metro Manila Development Authority enforces smoking ban

11:23 PM

The No Smoking Sign is a usual sight around Metro Manila. The authorities are now bent on making the capital "smoke-free". 

Sorry smokers of Manila but the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will finally enforce the eight year old law of banning smoking in public spaces starting Monday, 30 May 2011.  "We must be very strict in implementing our anti-smoking regulation," said MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino in a statement.  "We should transform Metro Manila into a smoke-free community."  (With due respect Mr. Chairman, you can only do that if you can keep those nasty smoke belchers off the streets too. )

Violators of this law will be fined Php500 (USD11). If one can't pay, he'll be doing some community service.

If you're a tourist heading to our little corner of the world, remember that you can't smoke in public places around Metro Manila.

Consider yourself forewarned.  

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