AIRLINE NEWS: Cebu Pacific may begin flying to Australia in 2015

11:54 PM

Cebu Pacific Airlines certainly made history today when it ordered 37 Airbus Jets, the biggest order in the country's aviation history, that which amounted to USD 3.8 Billion. This would mean the country's largest low-cost airline will be flying to further destinations such as Australia. Unfortunately though, every juan has to wait a few more years as the order will start coming in 2015 until 2021.

In a news conference, Cebu Pacific Chief Executive Lance Gokongwei     added that his company actually has an option to buy 10 more  A321neo jets which can carry more people and fly hundreds of kilometres (miles) further than the A320s they mostly have.

"These 220-seater aircraft will be a game changer for Cebu Pacific," Gokongwei said. "We will be able to serve cities in Australia, India and northern Japan, places the A320 cannot reach."

For the fully story by Agence France-Presse, go to

*Back in 2009, I came up to Ms. Lisa and asked if she could tell her brother if they could start flying to Australia. I told her that there's definitely a good market there. She politely told me that she's not handling that part of the family business and ended with, 'somebody wants to go to Australia.'  I am definitely sure that I have nothing to do with this new route. But I am really happy that there's no need to fly to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore just to head down under.

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