a cure for restlessness: Elizabethtown

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On rainy days like these last few, I’d often be restless. Like most people, I would choose to sit it out and watch a movie. But unlike them, I wouldn‘t be reaching out for a blockbuster DVD.  In fact, I’d often choose a particular one that bafflingly did quite poorly at the box-office back in 2005.

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Having only grossed $52 M at the worldwide boxoffice, (production costs were at $45M), Elizabethtown isn’t exactly what one would consider a ‘hit’.  Written and directed by Almost Famous creator Cameron Crowe, the movie is about Drew’s re-acquaintance of his now deceased dad Mitch through the help of the entire community of Elizabethtown.  At the same time, an almost love story began to unfold between him and Flight Attendant Claire.  

Don't these make you wish for those telebabad moments?

Starred by Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, the movie is also easy on the eyes. (They’re not exactly the most hideous people in Hollywood, are they?) I must admit they seem to lack chemistry on the screen as I can barely feel the sexual tension between them. But hey, their tandem still worked for me. Somewhat. Or maybe they were simply eclipsed by the setting? Or heaven forbid, the other characters?  

Drew and Claire enjoying the sun and each other's company

So what is it about this movie that cures my restlessness? Perhaps it’s the many allusions to movement - of forging forward; of carrying on; of being relentless.   Yet at the same time, this movie reminds me to take the time to stop and enjoy the moment.  (I think the reminder of death does that to a person. ) And of course, there’s that incredible roadtrip at the end of the movie. Who wouldn’t be compelled to jump into a car and drive away after seeing that?  

Drew at the world famous Earnestine & Hazel’s and a discussion with bar owner Russell George (right).
Elizabethtown is a good choice for an armchair roadtrip through the heart of America. And true to Cameron Crowe fashion, it also has a good playlist to accompany you.

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*lifted from  boxofficemojo.com

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