Good Buy: 2011 Heritage Britain & Ireland Catalogue

11:57 PM

During my weekly worship to the church of thrifty book lovers, I unearthed this gem. Is this a sign from the heavens that I must carry on with my dream of a trip to the United Kingdom? I hope so. Oh I do really hope so.

It's the 2011 Heritage Britain & Ireland catalogue which features the historic houses and castles of the United Kingdom. It is a comprehensive list of the historic estates in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. (Hmm... makes you wonder why the title is such.) The book is divided into the four countries, of which is divided into regions. This system makes it easy for anyone to browse through the book and is very helpful to any type of tourist.

Each house is provided a brief history and pertinent information like contact details, opening times, location, and facilities.  Did you know that they hold outdoor classic concerts at Castle Howard (set of  'Brideshead Revisted') during the summer?

But the really best part is that i got it for P40 at Booksale when the list price is really 5.90 pounds or 9.50 Euros. Woot!

Now, the second question is... Dear Lord, is this the map to my beloved Mr. Darcy? :-)

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