snapshot of the day: window

5:41 PM

our front window

It's raining still and I'm homebound.
Sometimes, these little drops make me a wee bit pensive.

This is a jalousie window. Our jalousie window.
And by simply admitting that, I am telling you that I live in an old house. A 26 year old house to be exact. (One more year and it's officially vintage.)

I like looking at house windows.
As much as a door gives character to a house, so does a window. It tells me the age of the house and what design movement it's from. It also tells me the personality of the homeowner. (Or at least, what I can deduce from it.)

I also like looking into house windows.
When I was still a catholic school girl, I love coming home at twilight. Since our school bus towers above most fences, I would be able to get a glimpse of the insides of homes - with their lights on - as we pass by. For the most part, I got to see television sets dominating the living rooms with families staring right at them. The sound that reached me was whatever that was showing on the television. So I guessed, they weren't talking at all.

Occasionally, the television would be off and families would be partaking an early supper at their dining rooms. At least then, I got to see families actually talking to each other. They sat face to face and their mouths were moving. So I'd like to think that they were speaking to one another.  

Some houses, the curtains were closed and I couldn't see a thing. I'd wonder then what these people had to hide or if their homes were actually cool enough.

I guess, even at a young age, I've always been curious about how other people lived, how their spaces looked, and the stories they could tell. Funny that at my first job, I had the privilege to be welcomed to people's homes and shoot them. 

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  1. I make each persons unique experiences an inspiration to keep me going on this complicated world. And I love vintage houses :-)


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