TRAVEL ADVISORY: Biometric collection at Malaysian airports

1:57 PM

A biometric collection system, National Foreigners Enforcement and Registration (Biometrics) System (NERS), will be implemented by Malaysian authorities at all entry and exit points in Malaysia on 01 June 2011.

The Malaysian Flag also known as Jalur Gemilang, Malay for "Stripes of Excellence".

The collection of biometrics from both left and right index fingers will apply to all foreigners entering and leaving Malaysia, with the exception of Diplomatic Passport holders, disabled passengers, and children below the age of 12.

Longer queues at entry and exit points are expected during the first few months of implementation. Customers travelling to and from Malaysia should expect to spend more time at the airport, and are advised to leave for the airport early to avoid any delay.

*copied from the travel advisory page of cathay pacific airlines

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