travel junkie's top 15 destinations for the next decade

4:24 AM

I read somewhere that for one to stay creative, she should make lists. (Not that I'm claiming to be such a creative person but I do try. Being one is a totally different thing.) So in celebration of yet another blessed birthday, I am listing down my dream destinations for the next decade. Cheers to the next ten years! Woot!

Coni’s top 15 destinations

1. Machu Picchu, Peru
    My ultimate travel destination. Full Stop.

2. Seychelles Islands
    I’ve been dreaming of spending a week in Seychelles since I was ten!

3. London, England
    Hello, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberly.

4. Mont- Saint-Michel, France
    Cross, barefoot,  the bay at low tide to visit the monks. 

5. Bogota, Columbia
    How this relatively unknown city transformed itself into a model of urban sustainability is simply awe-inspiring.

6. Antarctica or the North Pole
    It's the ultimate endurance test for a tropical flower like me.

7. Rome, Italy
  Breathe in history and architecture. And of course, gawk at the descendants of the roman gods.

8. Easter Island, Chile
   I've been wanting to touch those stone formations since I was seven!

9. Metro Stations of Moscow, Russia
    That's what you call bringing art to the masses.

10. Tokyo, Japan
     It's not just another city. It seems like an entirely different planet.

11. Paris, France
      It's the ultimate testament to Napoleon Bonaparte's genius and power. Enough said.

12. Capetown, South Africa
      Witness the sun rise over table mountain. At the edge of the world.

13.  Fjords of Norway
       Still waters run deep.

14. Buenos Aires, Argentina
      Dance the tango and eat sumptuous beef dishes!

15. Alice Springs, Australia
      Blame it on an essay I read back in 1994. Plus, I didn't get to walk around Ayers Rock when I flew to Oz last year.

Now that I’ve actually written them all down, hopefully the law of attraction would do its magic. In the very near future.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friends at the Office greeted me 'bon anniversaire' circa 2009.

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