AIRLINE PROMO: Qatar Airways offers 25% discount

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I recently flew Qatar Airways to and from Europe. And boy, did they make the one day that i lost in transit not so bad at all. (They weren’t awarded the Skytrax 2011 Airline of the Year for nothing!) So if you’re one who demands the best when you’re up in the skies, take advantage of this amazing offer and book your tickets right now at


Read the TERMS & CONDITIONS first before selecting any of their fabulous destinations. 

  • Book between 6th to 8th September 2011 only
  • 3-day Sale offer:
               - Up to 35% savings off of base airfares in Economy Class, resulting in all-in savings of approximately 25% after all taxes & fees are included
               - Up to 20% savings off of base airfares in Business Class, resulting in all-in savings of approximately 15% after all taxes & fees are included
  • The discount has been applied to our lowest regular seasonal airfares (H class for Economy Class, where a 35% discount was applied resulting in a W class 3-day promo fare; and a 25% discount applied resulting in a V class 3-day promo fare); Our lowest regular seasonal Business Class fares in D and/or Z class were discounted by 20% and published in the same D and/or Z class as a 3-day promo fare)
  • Travel between 10th September 2011 and 31st March 2012
  • For the USA: travel between 13th September 2011 and 31st March 2012
  • Valid for travel from Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, USA and Vietnam
  • Blackout dates: 1st – 7th November 2011, 8th December – 15th January (with no travel permitted in either direction)
  • All travel must be completed by 31st March 2012
  • Valid on Qatar Airways operated flights only
  • Offer applies to return tickets only
  • Offer does not apply for customers wishing to travel between the following countries:
              Thailand - Vietnam and Vietnam - Thailand
              Thailand - Malaysia and Malaysia - Thailand
  • Changes permitted within the same travel period at a fee of USD 150 plus any fare difference to the lowest available fare
  • There will be no refunds; a 100% cancellation fee is applicable
  • Child fares are set to 75% of the applicable adult fare   
  • Infants fares are set to 20% of the adult fare
  • Seats are limited, subject to availability, and may not be available on all flights and dates
  • Other conditions apply, please review the terms at the time of booking

So what if their terminal isn't standing yet? So what if they need to ferry passengers from the planes parked on the tarmac to the temporary terminal? So what if you need to carry around a color-coded wallet while in transit?  So what?! If the attendants are only happy to see to my comfort;  i have a wide range of movies, television series, music at my fingertips, a blanket to ward off the chill and a pillow for my lowerback , and substantial meals and free-flowing drinks I paid for in advance...Heck. It’s fine with me to hop on a bus and feel a bit of the desert heat on my skin.  

From the temporary terminal, the city of Doha is but a sliver on the horizon.

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  1. hi meedge! sorry for the late reply. keep me posted on YOUR euro adventure. :-)

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