rizal in madrid

12:26 AM

In celebration of Rizal Day, here are two snapshots of the Rizal Monument in Madrid.  (Because we are not only commemorating his execution but also celebrating his life and works on this day, right?) If you've noticed, it is very similar to the one standing in Luneta. In addition, the Spaniards also erected plaques of his poem Mi Ultimo Adios in Spanish and Filipino.

It may be a bit surreal seeing a statue of our national hero in the Mother Country. But hey, we were a  colony and Rizal did study at Universidad Central de Madrid. (Click here for an actual timeline of Dr. Jose Rizal's stay in the Spanish Capital.)

If you're in Madrid, do try to visit this particular Rizal Monument. It's really quite easy.
Take the metro and alight at estación de Islas Filipinas.

Happy Rizal Day!

Yep, that's rizal. but he's not in luneta.

he's in madrid!

Photos by Marion Aunor

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