my top 11 travel experiences of 2011

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Before we ring in the new one, allow me to take a look back at what was a notable year.

My feet took me to several new places this year where I met a lot of wonderful interesting people along the way.  I remember the Irish man who held my hand when I was terrified to set foot on the glass platform of the Pudong Tower;  the Swede couple whom we introduced to the delights of Jollibee in Legaspi; and the charming little French girl who entertained the entire cabin duing a 15-hour train ride from Paris to Rome - to name a few. And of course, how could I possibly not mention the warm friendly people I got to know in Spain?

It wasn't easy but I've managed to round up the high points of what was a great travel year.

1. Experienced winter, even if it was the tail end.

that's not make-up. that's the effect of the biting cold!

it was freezing but we still managed to smile.

i just had to touch snow, even if it was dirty.

2. Climbed the Great Wall of China!

going east asian 

the iconic great wall

it seems that i had the wimpiest camera in this lot.

3. Set foot on Mindanao soil. Finally!

even on a sunday, people still hung out at the city hall.

here's a glitzy depiction of the (in)famous durian.

just in case i forget where exactly i am at.

4. Got on the zipline at Camp Sabros in Davao del Sur.

practically flying over the trees!

5. Swam with the Butandings [whale sharks] in Donsol.

a butanding swimming beneath us. grabbed from raffy vicente's fb page
the intrepid raffy vicente pretty ecstatic. grabbed from his fb page

6. Flew Qatar Airways! The dream was and still is to fly Singpore Airlines. But Qatar Airways happens to be 2011 Airline of the Year. How could I possibly complain?

waiting for our connecting flight to madrid at the doha international airport.

city of doha but only a sliver on the horizon.

7. Explored the streets of regal Madrid while participating in WYD and Mag+s. 

beautiful madrid architecture bathed in afternoon sunlight.
hamming it up with the girls at plaza de oriente.

the pope on the jumbotron at plaza de la independencia.

8. Became infatuated with Gaudi's beloved city.

the sight of the sagrada familia evidently staggered us.

lovely curves of the head-turning La Pedrera

9. Gawked at the Eiffel Tower.

six of the 72 frenchies recognized for their contributions to society.

can't leave paris without a photo at the eiffel tower!

10. Breathed in ancient roman history at the colosseo.

early morning at the colosseo =  NO TOURISTS!

the dungeons

photo taken by a handsome english man on holiday with his japanese wife and their two very good-looking half-breed children

11. Frolicked in the Mediterranean Sea.

summer lovin'!

Here's to a SUPERB 2011!
Happy New Year, Everyone!

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  1. Hahaha, Cons, "half-breed" talaga!

    What a great year for you! And I did not fail to notice that you were wearing an oh-so-French striped top for your Eiffel tower pic.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. here's to hoping i'd have half-breed children, myself. :-) bwahahaha.

    that top was purely coincidental. hahaha. warm and comfortable for my bus ride from barca to paris. but so happy it looked quite perfect for paris. :-)


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