ten things to do at torre dela horadada

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Torre dela Horadada is the last coastal town in the Spanish province of Alicante and Costa Blanca South. It is a popular getaway for both families and tourists during the summer months. And if you find yourself along this part of the Mediterranean coast, here are a few things that you could do:
Here's Torre dela Horadada's namesake.

1. The beach is it!
It would be a sin to be in torre dela horadada and not enjoy the beach! Best time to be at the beach is between morning and lunch. (and that’s until 2:00 to you, missy.) Spaniard boy Nacho said it best and I paraphrase him, “If you go in the afternoon, it would be too hot. Because the sun goes down at 8:00pm. ” So I guess, that’s why you should heed what the Spanish custom suggests. Go and sleep away the heat during siesta.

Evidently, there are two ways to get a tan.

Teenagers give beach volleyball a go.

Beach time is also quality time for most families.

Lifeguard on duty.

2. Eat Churros for Breakfast.
So the Spanish also eat churros for breakfast? Well apparently, they do. (Not that I would know based on what was served on our table.) I clued in on this based on the opening hours – until 10 am, of the churros kiosk next to the church. So you want to have churros on the breakfast table, you have to wake up a wee bit earlier.  
The guy behind the counter, busy preparing our churros.

3. Chill with a scoop of Helado.
With a regular scoop going from 3 to 5 euros, it’s not exactly cheap (around P180-300.) But with the heladerias just right off the plaza and along the boardwalk, would you have the will to say no?

One of the heladerias along the boardwalk.

Pretty Alexa with her scoop of helado.

4. Go fish!
It’s the Mediterranean Sea! How could you not? During our morning walk or noontime frolics, adults and kids alike take their fishing rods and nets to sea for some of its treasures.

Trying his luck amongst the waves.

A brit boy armed with his own net

5. People watch.
The plaza is actually a good place to start. Buy a drink, sit down at one of the tables, and watch the whole town – in summer wear, walk by.

An elderly couple watches the town pass by.

6. Go on a house tour as well!
The summer houses come in various sizes – stand-alone houses, duplexes, apartments, and styles. But no matter how they stand, they’re all proud to be Spanish. It must be because it was summer or that it was the JMJ, but the Spanish colors were flying high in that town.

This one, featuring greek colors, is a unique house on the block.

The apartment building overloooking the plaza.

A modern house along the boardwalk

7.  Do some Water sports!  
One of the things that really surprised me was the marina at torre dela horadada. Not that the boats were that impressive but it was, for me, totally unexpected! Residents bring their own jetskis, kayaks, and what not. Personally, I didn't look or ask for a rental. Maybe you could strike up a deal with one of the locals and hire a big toy for an hour or two.

Parked on the street like any vehicle.

8. Dance at the plaza during Fiesta night!
We were fortunate enough to be there during fiesta of torre dela horadada, which coincides with the feast of the assumption. That night, the band ‘El Pato’ (or ‘The Duck’) was playing to the crowd of young and old alike. People were dancing right in front of the stage. And it didn’t matter that I hardly understood a word, I just joined in on the fun. After which, we headed down to the beach for some night swimming.

Residents and tourists dance to the music of El Pato.

Maria dances with a young one.

Javi captivates Kasty with his moves.

9. Sleep on the beach.
Evidently, it’s not a crime to sleep on the beach at night. Bea, Javi, Mikel, and I were walking along the beach one morning when we spotted two boys lying on their stomachs. They obviously spent the previous night at the beach.

Revelers, most probably, asleep on the beach

10. Catch the sunrise
In the summer, the sun usually rises over the Mediterranean Sea at around 7:00 am. And on the night we were off to Madrid, I couldn’t sleep. So with nothing better to do, I climbed to the rooftop and waited for his majesty the sun to show his brilliant self.

Sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea.

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