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“I am very excited about it.” I paraphrase the President when he mentioned, in one of his year-end interviews, the Department of Tourism's then upcoming campaign.  

If the President announced that he’s pretty excited about it, the entire nation could expect nothing less than brilliance, right? After all, he probably picked out the best and the brightest in the field and placed him at the helm of this colossal campaign.  

I remember we were crawling along Nagtahan bridge on the way to Quiapo (on a Friday morning) when the DOT declared its new tourism campaign. “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is the new tagline by which they’d be building and selling the Philippine brand in the global tourism market.
That’s it?!, I couldn’t help but think. Sure, it’s a good line but doesn't it lacked the ooomph? I imagined how they are going to play it, very much like the WOW Philppines campaign in the 90s. The DOT would put a spin on our natural wonders – Banawe Rice Terraces = Stairs and Mt. Pinatubo crater lake = bathtub.  The running ticker in my head was, “Hey. We’ve heard of this before.” 

It also didn’t help that just outside the car window, there were the filth, the dirty Pasig river, and what seemed to be a virtual parking lot on a bridge.  Yeah, it’s definitely more fun in this country. 

But as Friday progressed, the cleverness of the campaign started to show.  The new tagline is so simple that just about anyone, any Filipino, could work with it and own it. The creatives in the country seemed to have such a ball that within hours, memes kept on popping up on the web.  In three days, their works have gone viral. Twenty-five of which has been compiled on the site, the buzzfeed.  

Since I cannot think of a better tagline, I might as well join in. And besides, this whole thing is turning out to be so much fun.

here are three of my favorites:

mountain climbing
source: http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxf3x86mCd1qjq79zo9_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1326233395&Signature=qRieBTWlxP%2FTjo869qFc7x%2F6liM%3D

source: carlo vergara's fb page

midget basketball
source: d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net

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