Rizal Park on Valentine's Day

3:59 AM

I’m baaack!

But first, I must apologize for the abysmal neglect. Let’s just say that I had hit another crazy patch in my life. But that’s over. (Thank goodness!) So let’s carry on with our business.

So how did you spend valentine's day this year? I decided to take myself out on a date to the most popular date place in the metro – Rizal Park!
a partial view of  rizal park and the city of manila circa 1967.
(from my collection of vintage postcards)

Nowadays, it’s a shadow of what it was. Nevertheless, it still has its charms. There is still a lot of people who'd rather enjoy the day at luneta than in another climate-controlled box of a mall.  

a quiet quirino grandstand

manila's kilometer zero. (someone took the M!)

the rizal monument
valentine's day was also about families. aren't they so cute in their matching red shirts?
"roses, maam?"

my most favorite couple! aren't they the cheesiest and most adorable?

spot the couples.

couples were just everywhere.

perhaps, they were even sweeter than usual.

but for some, it was just another day at work. 

why is lapu-lapu at rizal park?!

decided to spend some time with the masters

finally had my photo taken with luna's award-winnng "spolarium". had the entire hall to myself!

at the hall dedicated to amorsolo

manansala's "planting of the first cross"

doorknob by national artist napoleon abueva

In the end, it was a cheap and cheerful date.
Just exactly what my heart needed.

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  1. Akala ko bawal kunan ng picture ang Spoliarium? Anyhoo that old couple is the cutest!<3

  2. hi ms. tish! pwede naman. huwag lang daw may flash. :)
    di ba? kung mag-aasawa man ako, gusto ko pag tanda ko ganoon pa rin kami ka cheesy. hehehe. pero take note. KUNG.


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