A weekend trip to Davao

7:13 AM

Still undecided where to go this summer?

Here's another idea: head south of Manila to Davao City!

Decided to celebrate my birthday, last year, by exploring a city and a region I've never been to. So, I took advantage of another Cebu Pacific seat sale and booked myself cheap tickets to Davao City.


Finally arrived in Mindanao, specifically Davao City, at around 6:00 in the morning. Took a cab to my hotel in downtown and left my luggage at the counter. Caught a jeep to ecoland to hop on a bus bound for Digos City, Davao del sur. Tryc from the terminal to the market to get on a van to kapatagan where Camp Sabros and the longest zipline in Southeast East Asia, according to Lonely Planet, are.  Waited three and half hours for the other 10 passengers before finally moving on.

Surprise! Surprise! Three of the last passengers were from my corner of the world in Pasig! And they own the school service I rode with during my Kindergarten days in St. Paul, Pasig.

first order of business: get on that zipline!

simply exhilarating!

the boys of Camp Sabros

Zipline was awesome! And with the risk of sounding cheesy, zipping above and in between trees felt like that scene of Edward and Bella in 'Twilight'.

It was supper time when I got back to Davao City, where I met up with local girl Marga - a college blockmate of mine. She treated me to... wait for it... Inasal! It was yum.:-)  Thanks, Marga! And before we even finished our meal, her man arrived and volunteered to drive us around. We then went to MTS where Marga treated me, again, to a glass of one of the yummiest halo-halo ever. And where her man regaled me with his war stories in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is after all a US Marine and now, a war veteran.

Marga and John, her very own hero


Woke up a bit late and went straight to Davao Crocodile Farm in the northern part of the city, near the airport. Ate Croc meat for Lunch. Was a bit of a let down as it tasted like pork chop. :-(

this is how you bathe a croc.

ostrich: you, lookin' at me?

croc steak tasted like pork chop.

The heat and humidity was enervating and so cooled off at the new swanky Ayala Mall Abreeza. The mall was very much like Tri-Noma and a food court that reminded me of SM Baguio's verandas.

Ayala's Abreeza Mall

Abreeza Mall's food court

even the interior is akin to Tri-Noma

 Exhausted, went back to the hotel where I noticed a market right next to it! Coolness.

taking a break from work


Woke up late, again. (Hey, I was on holiday!) and checked out.

my tiny $12 room. :)

Had lunch at the local SM Mall. Went back downtown to hear mass and explore the city hall and plaza.

inside Davao City's San Pedro Cathedral

It was party day in downtown Davao City. There were the  mani-pedi service at the park, endless ukay-ukay stalls erected on the sidewalks, and the informal concert at the Plaza.

mani and pedi services at the park

these kids wanted to have their photo taken. so i obliged. :-)

an LG caravan in the middle of the plaza

need a pair, chuck?

a seller just about to unload her wares

sorting through piles for a good buy. (mas mura pa sa cornetto!)

parting shot at Davao International Airport

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