whatever happened to robbie?

11:37 PM

“I’ll hold your hand if you’ll hold mine,”  Robbie offered while worst-case scenarios were racing through my head.  We were hugging the glass wall of the Pudong Tower while trying to muster up enough courage to walk across the glass floor. Before I could think about it, I blurted out “I’ll hold your hand, then you’ll hold mine.”
“Okay,” he agreed.

after helping me cross that blasted glass floor, robbie took this photo .

That happened a year ago during a solo trip to Shanghai. Robbie, an irishman, was on holiday too and to our surprise, was staying at the same hostel.
Learn more about that afternoon by clicking on this link.

But the thing was, he was scheduled to fly to Tokyo the following day.  And the day after that... the tsunami hit japan.
I never knew what happened to him.
And on the anniversary of that tragedy, I am still wondering.  

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