My Olympic Moments

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Have you caught the Olympic fever, yet? With the Games opening in a few hours and my friend Abe in London armed with her Philippine flag, I can’t help but look back at my own Olympic moments. No, I wasn’t part of the Philippine Team. Come on, how could I possibly? Rather, I was actually in China during the Beijing Summer Olympics.

Bath Specialists homestore invited the shelter glossies for a trip to the Appollo factory. My editor was so kind enough to send me in her stead. So, there I was, little ‘ol me, with the other editors flying out of Terminal three.  We arrived in Guangzhou quite famished that after dropping off our bags at the hotel, headed to a nearby riverside restaurant.

So, there we were taking bites of authentic Chinese food and watching the ceremonies unfold on several wide LCD screens with numerous Chinese families. I couldn’t understand a single thing the commentator was saying but heck, I could see what’s happening on the screen, right? The night ended with us walking back to the hotel and spotting a yellow lambo on the curb. If that didn’t say that China was ready to party, I don’t know what would. 

For the next mornings, I would be dressing up to CNN giving the latest updates of the Games – whether it was something to do with the American Basketall team or about how the air quality over Beijing was improving.  (Rumor had it that emissions were reduced months before the Games.)

Animals at the Zoo garbed in their Olympic Jerseys
A crowd gathered in front of a television where a football match was being aired. And this was along a street in the shopping district.

I extended my stay in the People’s Republic by crossing over to HK and Macau. Horseback riding competition was held in HK and since it’s still officially part of China, its streets were decked for the Olympics, too. 

Gymnastics competition showing on the jumbotron at the Senado Square in Macau.  (Yes. I was FAT.)
Photo op with one of the Mascots at Hong Kong's The Peak. (YES. I was FAT.)
I finally got to step inside the Bird’s nest, three years after and in the tail-end of winter. With the athletes and the spectators long gone, that part of town felt… sad. Traffic lights would change yet no one would be crossing. Modern apartment buildings were still standing, with no one living in them. Sure, the occasional tourists, like us, would gawk at the colossal Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. But that part of the city is such an expanse and yet it’s just empty.

Harsh winds didn't stop us from smiling. 

Snow still covered the field. 

The Bird's Nest was colossal. Look how tiny JM appeared to be. 

Waited for hours to see the Water Cube all lit up. 
Olympic colors turned lights. 
In the Bird’s nest, they were still selling Olympic merchandise. Now, with the Olympic Games in London about to commence, who would buy those? And more importantly,  when will I ever get to be part of the Summer Olympics? In Rio, perhaps? Here’s to 2016!

Hang on. How could I possibly leave out the those moments when I was in Sydney and Barcelona?! Talk about some serious senior moment! 

I got a glimpse of the Sydney Olympic stadium while I was down under.

Here's the Olympic stadium in Sydney. 

On our second day in the Catalan capital, we went on a tour of the city. First stop was the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona. The opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympics was the one that really stuck with me. Who could possibly forget the archer who lit the torch with an arrow? Who?! 

The Barcelona Olympic stadium was originally built for the 1936 People's Olympiad. This protest event against the Olympics in Berlin was cancelled due to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.
The Stadium was renovated for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games.
Listening intently to our tour guide. Image by Maan Nitura.
The boys just being their charming selves, early in the morning.
The Montjuic Communications tower by Santiago Calatrava remains to be one of the most discernible symbols of the 1992 Games. It also works as a Sundial. Amazing.

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