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12:46 PM

Been avidly pinning these past few weeks. It's really quite addicting, to be honest.  I find something that captures my interest, click on it, and voila! I have it on my board. Lovely! Here are a few of my favorites pins. They're actually illustrations and I have pinned them on my wanderlust board.

via chris streger


Experimental Identity for American Airlines. work by Anna Kovecses.

triboro designbeautifulanduseful.tumblr.com


They're just absolutely beautiful!

Back when I was still working at real living magazine, mood boards were a usual sight. My editors, as well as the designers we were featuring, would be browsing through books of swatches, interior design books, and fashion magazines to come up with one of the most interesting boards.

With Pinterest now open to the public, it's just way too easy to create one's own virtual mood board. That wasn't the same for me. I had to wait for an invitation to be able to start pinning away.

To end, I quote the guys from Pinterest: Happy Pinning!

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