i heart you, Barcelona

5:06 PM

I'm afraid to admit this but I reached the ripe old age of thirty without completely losing my heart to anyone. Sure, I fancied myself infatuated with basically three people in the last fifteen years. That amounts to about five years of pining for each person. But that's far from falling in love.

I guess I'm just built that way. Or perhaps, I was just scared to completely abandon control. Or I might have been too insecure to bare my heart to another soul.

But on this day a year ago, I finally lost my heart - to Barcelona.

barcelona 3d papercraft map.via chris streger

The city was simply IT.
It felt right.

Barcelona has the sea and the mountains on its edges. It's a city where roman ruins, Gothic churches, and modern architecture don't simply co-exist but do so harmoniously. And its people move with a flair that warrants a double-take.

The Catalan Capital didn't feel like home since Manila will always be home. But as I sat on a spot in Placa Catalunya and hardly understanding what the people around me were yapping about, it felt like THIS was it.

I've only read about people hearing the proverbial "click". Honestly, I've always been skeptical about that and then, it actually happened to me. Bloody Hell.

I also lost my heart in Barcelona.

He was blond, blue-eyed, and had the most perfect of noses. And before I knew what was happening, I was down for the count. What the hell just happened? He wasn't even my type! But I guess this just proves that indeed, there's no rational explanation for this sort of thing.

I later found out that he was also smart, ambitious, and driven. Which didn't exactly help since it got me deeper than I would've liked. And worst of all, he had this way of making me feel beautiful, attractive, and very much desired. Bugger.

For years, my heart was fine where it was - safe and still very much intact. Then I flew to the other side of the world and completely lost it.  

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