my visa had a typo

11:44 PM

I almost didn’t get to fly to Madrid because my visa had a typo. The Spanish embassy misspelled my name, transposed the E so that it read “Concpecion”.  My flight was in less than a week so I had to do something, quick.

I called the travel agency and reported the error. About thirty minutes after, they got back to me and told me to write an email to the embassy stating what happened. I received a reply the very next day, telling me to go to the embassy so they could fix it.

I waited an hour in the empty interview hall before they handed back my passport. 

X marks the invalid visa.

The road to Mag+s–WYD 2011 wasn’t exactly the smoothest one. But the bumps I had to put up with were worth it. 

Happy anniversary to the lovely souls I boarded the plane with.
I miss you, people.

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