loving my Olympic goodies!

6:01 PM

Got some goodies from the Olympics!

My good friend Abe is back from the Games and she brought home some goodies for me. Contrary to what you might think, I didn't ask for a piece of Olympic merchandise. Instead, I asked her to buy me a Spanish flag when she eventually swung by Barcelona.

She bought it from a stall just outside of Parc Guell where the shop keeper couldn't believe what was happening. Abe asked for a Spanish flag to which the shop keeper asked her back, "Espanya?" I guess she was a bit surprised that one would ask for the Spanish flag when there were numerous FC Barcelona flags on offer. The shop keeper asked Abe two more times, I think, before finally handing it over.

Many many thanks, Abe for indulging me!

Estoy muy contenta! 
Abe also gave me this yummy fudge bar.  
 Together with this baller band, just because. :)

Here are several snapshots I grabbed from Abe's FB page. Wish I was there!

Spotted! His flag is a tad bigger than mine. 
Daniel Radcliffe on the jumbotron. 
And so was Emma Watson. 
At this point, Argentina's men's volleyball team was winning. 

Next stop: Braziiiil! 
Abe, what did they do to our glorious sun?! 
Armida and Angela hamming it up with the Olympic mascot. I swear, that thing scares the Sh%t out of me.            
Best of luck from Tommy Hilfiger
There was a designated lane for just for the Games. 
More Olympic merchandise to choose from!
Monochromatic Olympic rings floating on the Thames. 

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