Photography not Allowed in Makati

1:54 PM

Errands took me to Makati yesterday. I parked at Greenbelt Five even if it meant having to walk all the way to Paseo de Roxas and then to Amorsolo St. I figured the walk would do me good since my skirts are starting to get a bit snug anyway. And besides, I am very fond of walking.

Since I would be covering a bit of ground,  I brought my camera along with me. It was a bright sunny afternoon which promised a couple of pretty images. I just knew that going through my to-do-list would be much fun.

And so I thought.

I was standing in front of a condo and was just about to take my first shot when a security guard approached me and asked, "Maam, do you have a unit here?"


"You need a permit to take photos."

"But I'm on the sidewalk."

"That's the policy, Maam."

I walked away seething and trying to come up with five good reasons why that was such a dumb policy. But when I got home a couple of hours later, it finally dawned on me that they were just concerned about the security.

If buildings were off-limits then I could probably try the park. Surely, it would be okay to take photos there. BUT just as I took a shot of a flower, the security guard approached me and asked me to stop. Apparently, the park is a private property and no photography is allowed.

That really got to me. I was taking a photo of a flower! I didn't do anyone or anything harm. What's wrong with that exactly?

one can't go wrong with flowers. 

I left the park and headed straight to the mall. No point in wandering around now.
But not before I took these photos. If all the other things were off-limits, I figured the sidewalk was a good bet.

no parking. 
not welcomed here. 
no littering. 
the one that got away. 
do we really need to put up instructions?
Makati, you said if I want to make it happen, it had to be with you.
Well, I tried and you let me down.

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