Airline Promo: 75% off on all Cebu Pacific's Domestic Destinations

9:00 AM

Happy Andres Bonifacio Day!

In celebration of this day, Cebu Pacific is treating every Juan to a 75% discount on all their domestic destinations! Isn’t that great?! I guess it’s their way of showing some patriotism by enabling pinoys to go traipsing around the country.  

I, for one, have always wanted to go on a food trip in Iloilo. There’s a lot to taste – La Paz Batchoy, Pancit Molo, Inasal, Baye-Baye, Ibus… I can go on and on.  Geez, I am getting hungry just thinking about them! And with this seat sale, now is the perfect time to book that flight.  Hmmm….

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy the day and the long weekend – whether you’re out of town or on staycation!

Maging turista sa sariling bayan! 

Travel Period: 1 Jan - 31 March 2013

Go on holiday! 

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