HOSTEL REVIEW: Eden Motel in Bagan

9:00 AM

We heard of the Eden Motel from an old-er French couple who was also staying in Motherland Inn 2. (We were moving on to Bagan the next day and we still didn’t have a place to stay. Ayayay!) Apparently, they’ve been coming to Burma for years and the Eden Motel is one of their favorites since its clean and cheap.  (Two of our most favorite words!) And they weren't kidding.  We, four, paid US$35 for a two-night stay in a triple room. It was unbelievably cheap!

EDEN MOTEL, Nyaung U, Bagan

LOCATION: A kilometer or two from the Bus station,  Eden Motel is in the town of Nyaung U -- where most of the budget hostels and restaurants are. It is also close to the “Bagan Archeological Zone”, the postcard Myanmar of Buddhist temples, pagodas, and stupas.  

It is also near the market, corner stores, and internet shops. As it is situated along the main road, you could stand in front of the hostel and watch as the town – schoolkids, workers, and goods pass by.

*At around 04:30 in the morning, you’ll hear a tune blaring out of speakers. Walk out into the road and investigate. You’ll find monks of all ages, in the pitch black morning, walking to parts unknown. (I could hardly ask them, can I?) (2pts)

SECURITY: Just like most hostels, their rooms use old-fashioned keys. No keycards here.   (1.5pts)

CLEANLINESS: Our room was clean and beds were made with fresh sheets. The ensuite bathroom was clean; its floor was dry; though it sported stains that I believe were signs of age.  Do take note that towels aren’t provided.  (1.5pts)

STAFF: The receptionist at the annex always served us with a smile, even when we arrived that first day at an ungodly hour.  The sort of “bellboy” is  helpful but was very quiet. Perhaps, he’s still struggling with English since I can’t remember him uttering a single word to us. The staff who served breakfast was also chirpy and very happy to serve our meal.  (2pts)

CHARACTER: Our room was basic and functional, very much like the annex which is bereft of any attempt in ornamental design and decorating. (Which I, honestly, really appreciated.)
On the way to breakfast, we got a glimpse of the rooms at the main motel. (They were cleaning some of them.) We found rooms with bamboo wall coverings and hardwood floors.  If given a choice, I’d still stay in our rooms simply because it’s bigger. (1.5pts)

Overall rating:  8.5 out of 10 pts

Things of note:

Breakfast: Comes with the room, it is a spread of eggs, bread, jam, margarine, and fruits. You have a choice of either coffee or tea for your morning drink. Served at the rooftop of the hostel, it was quite a pretty way to start the day.

WiFi: They do have WiFi but the signal was weak and the connection was erratic. The few times we bothered to go online, we were disconnected and had to ask the receptionist to reboot.

Transfer: The hostel transfer from the bus station is a horse buggy. I was still a bit sleepy/ groggy when I got off the bus at four in the morning. But the clackety-clack-clack ride to the hostel certainly woke me up.


*24-hour reception
*Travel counter – cabs, horsebuggies,
*Money changer
*Travel/transport desk

The horsebuggy which picked us up at the bus station early in the morning.
Our triple room has a sitting area!
We had a bathtub!
Rafael at the reception desk.
Eden Motel, with its name in bold letters and colorful facade, could easily be spotted along the main road.
The main buiding has several pretty windows like these. 
Interesting light fixture, isn't it?

Rafael catches up on his reading while we wait for our breakfast.
Here's our hearty breakfast! The sweet and sour pork, though, is leftover from last night.
The lush view across from where we were sitting. 
The eatery next door also rents out bikes.
Since Eden Motel is situated along the main road, Hostel guests can be picked up by buses.

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  1. Hi. Strange question. But did you happen to get a contact email from the owners of this hotel. I have the most beautiful photos of their daughter that I would love them to have. Let me know. Thank you@@


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