HOSTEL REVIEW: Motherland Inn 2 in Yangon

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If there is anything one should pay good money for when traveling, it is her accommodation. Or so my mother tried to teach me.  

She said, I should check-in at the best hotel because it is always located in the best area, they have the best security, and I am assured that no one has slept on those sheets the night before. But much to her dismay and worry (I think), I’ve been checking-in to hostels whenever I travel alone or with friends. I do so because:

1. In my 20s, I was hardly raking in the money. I could hardly check-in at The Pen with the salary I had. 

 2. I could meet more friendly travelers in hostels. Backpackers are often open and would love to talk to fellow backpackers. They’d like to exchage stories of adventures and misadventures, as well as insider tips. Guests in hotels are often part of a tour and they board the bus a few hours after dawn.  When would I get to meet them? 

 3. I didn’t have a friend or a relative living in most of the places I’ve been to. Except for Australia, Singapore, and quite recently, the island of Penang,  there wasn’t any spare bed I could sleep on. 

4. I’d rather spend my savings on local bread or a few yards of fabric at IKEA.

I have to admit there were trying times – like when we bunked at the Pondok Lodge in Kuala Lumpur. The guests next door kept on banging on the paper-thin walls  to remind us to keep our voices down. Apparently, speaking in a normal decibels is enough to keep them awake. It was quite annoying at that time but now, it makes for quite the anecdote.

So here’s my first attempt in writing a hostel review. I’ll be working with five criteria  - location, security, cleanliness, staff, and character  and an overall rating of 10 out 10. And later on, will note some of its services and facilities at the guest’s disposal.

So, how did Motherland Inn 2 fare?

 LOCATION: It’s a long walk to get to the center of the city and other places of interest. If you’re too tired from walking the whole day, you HAVE to take a cab to get back. (.5)

SECURITY: Just like most hostels, rooms use old-fashioned keys. No keycards here.  (1.5)

CLEANLINESS: Our room was clean and beds were done with fresh sheets. The towels were fresh but tough with all the washing. The shared bathroom is a bit cramped but it’s clean.  (1.5)

STAFF: There’s quite a number of staff who’s very happy to be of service. But the boys who help around deserves to be noted since they are always enthusiastic to help.  (2)

 CHARACTER: The Motherland Inn 2 is a simple and functional hostel. There wasn't any evident effort in making it "Burmese" which might have been the touristy thing to do. (1.5)

Over all rating: 7 pts


Breakfast: It comes with the room. The spread is of bread, banana, jam, margarine, and two eggs. You might have it fried, scrambled, or as an omelette. There’s also coffee, tea, and juice. And the best part about it is that each table has its own toaster, so you don’t have to queue just to heat your bread.  

On their website, you can have either an american or a burmese breakfast. I asked for a burmese breakfast the night before (because that's the SOP) but still it wasn't available the next day. 

*I checked-in during breakfast hours and they let me have breakfast even if I basically checked-in for later that night. I had breakfast right after coming from the airport!  
Airport Transfer: This was great since I didn’t have to change into Kyat at the airport where the exchange rates are usually rubbish.

Money Changer:  Guests can change their money to Kyat at the hostel which makes it very convenient. Though their rate is slightly less than the bank.  

Long-distance calls: They are free of charge. Raffy called our hostel in Bagan without any additional fee.


*24-hour reception
* Air-conditioning (at the reception area and if you’d actually pay for an AC room. We didn’t.)
*Internet Access (which you have to pay for.)
*Front Patio
*Hot and Cold shower

No. 433 Lower Pazundaung Road, Yangoon
Tel. No. 951-291-343

For reservations click on

Our room is wrapped with windows which made it pretty bright in the day and cool at night.

 We had a room with a ceiling fan instead of an AC.

Each guest has his set of towels.
The rambling of freight trucks outside woke me up several times in the night.
The other view from my room - banana trees!
Computer terminals are available for rent.
Raffy calling up hostels in Bagan, asking if they can take us in.

Zoe and I at the lobby/ reception area of Motherland Inn 2.
The street of Motherland Inn 2 is unusually wide for Yangon and relatively quiet. 

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