25 Days of Christmas: 10 must-dos in Manila

12:40 PM

A holiday is made up not only of places to go but also of things to be done. Here are ten things one has to do to get her Pinoy groove on.

1. Join a Carlos Celdran Walking Tour of Manila. Learn the city’s history from one of its most colorful characters.

2. Catch a show at Club Mwah. Our most beautiful friends from the LBGT community puts on a show that is worthy of a Las Vegas stage.

3. Hop on the LRT/ MRT, jeepney, or a tryc and get to feel like one of the heroic working class.

4. Shop at rock-bottom prices at Divisoria.  Everybody, especially a Pinoy, loves a good bargain.

5. Down some drinks at Café Lupe or Padi’s Point in Antipolo. Climb up to the mountains in the evening so you can see the entire metro sparkle.

6. Let a blind man (or woman) massage away your stress.

7. Watch a local theatre or ballet production. What we might be lacking in spectacle, we make it up in talent.

8. Sail away into the sunset on the Manila Bay sunset cruise.

9. Catch a fish and eat it, too,  at Paluto.

10.  Belt your heart out through karaoke!

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