25 Days of Christmas: angels are all around

2:38 PM

I saw a couple of angels last night, and they were not the ceramic or papier-mâché variety. These heavenly creatures were of real flesh and blood with legs up to their ears. I could’ve stayed at the lobby and just stared at them flit around all night.  

But one of them didn’t let THAT happen (because perhaps it’s such a creepy thing to do) and explained to me what they were doing here on earth.  Evidently, Makati Shangri-la together with Haribon Foundation has been working on a reforestation program called "Be an Angel" since 2008.  They are hoping that by 2020, they would’ve restored one million hectares of Philippine rainforest.

I’m thinking of sponsoring a couple and give them as Christmas presents to love ones. For only P200 per seedling (and its care for three whole years!), it’s quite the thoughtful gift. Perhaps, you can do the same.   

For more information, log on to http://be-an-angel.com.ph/ or drop by the Makati Shangri-la Hotel lobby and get to talk to an angel. 

Angel Jessica is sooo pretty!

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