25 Days of Christmas: Bamboo and Parols at Baclaran

11:07 AM

Yesterday, like a lot of the faithful in Metro Manila, my brother and I went to the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We always go every Wednesday as it is her Novena Day. Known for granting petitions of all kinds, she has become the refuge of most people in need. And for a country where most of its citizens is considered poor, there's a lot of them.

Not much has changed since my mother dragged my older brother and me to this church. I think I was about four back then. I do remember a row of drinking fountains to the left of the front of the doors which is now gone. But aside from that and the flat screen TVs attached to the pillars, I believe not much have changed over the years.

This year, the church has gone traditional Filipino and used bamboo, driftwood, and parols for their Christmas Decor. My brother and I usually go on the eve of Wednesday to escape the crowd andso last night was the first time we've seen the church all lit-up in its festive beauty.

The altar is decked for the holidays!
It's a rather long walk from the front door. 

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