25 Days of Christmas: give light on Christmas Day

3:47 AM

When I was a junior in university, my group mates and I went to Sitio Buso-Buso in Antipolo for our immersion. (Immersion is a required activity in Theology141 where you spend a couple of days with a marginalized community and have a glimpse of what they go through everyday.) The sitio is about 25 kms east of Manila and isn't really that far from the border of the National Capital Region.  But imagine our utter disbelief when they told us that they only got hooked to the grid back in 2000. This means they only got to enjoy the benefits of electricity since the start of this millennium!

That's why I was very excited when I heard of Solar Solutions, Inc. and their ambitious Christmas project. Solar Solutions, Inc. is a social enterprise that provides technical and expert advice on the design and deployment of renewable energy. This year, they aim to give solar energy systems to twelve communities for Christmas because evidently, there still are Filipinos out there who live in the dark. 

To find out how you can help, go to this page and click on your chosen community. 

PS. One of these audacious poeple is Mr. Rey Barcelon. He was my Math 11 teacher and the sole reason why I passed Math 12. Thank you, Sir Rey, for helping this once college freshie get her numbers right.  

give that gift of light this Christmas. 

choose which of these 12 communities you'd like to help. 

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