25 Days of Christmas: happy encounters at simbang gabi

11:00 PM

I usually attend simbang gabi at the church in my university and perhaps because of my age, I don't see much friends or spot batch mates in the crowd. Instead, I see former students seated on the pews or serving at mass. And even though I didn't do anything to cause such actions, I am pretty proud of their behavior.

But tonight at mass, I bumped into two friends and spotted my college crush in the crowd. Ciara, who patrols the metro every night for a news program, had the night off and was able to attend mass. We found out that we've been standing next to each other all along when we exchanged 'peace'. Another friend, Anna, was seated a meter in front of from me and approached her right after mass.

But the highlight of the night was spotting my college crush in the crowd. He was a pretty quiet smart cookie who briefly joined our block when he decided to pursue the fine arts. A year later, he shifted out having figured that it wasn't for him. He eventually landed himself a girlfriend and was happy as a bee.

I haven't seen him since graduation. Though nothing moved when I saw him again last night, I was pretty amused by the memories that flashed across my mind's eye. The entire block was my wing man yet I still didn't get the guy.  Oh, the audacity of youth!

hordes of people flock to the Gesu for simbang gabi 

Ciara gamely posed with me right after mass. 

Very happy that I was able to greet Anna a merry Christmas right before the holidays. 

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