Seoul Searching: amazing loo at the Incheon airport

11:30 PM

I am currently on the road and for the first time, blogging while being so. 

It is due to the fact that Seoul provides access to the internet within almost every square inch of its city limits.  (But perhaps, its really the entire country that is plugged to the net because since I deplaned in Incheon, there has always been free WiFi.)

So why exaclty does a girl who was never into K-Pop nor Korean telenovelas freezing her ass off in the land of the morning calm? I must admit that I didn't have any expectation when it came to S. Korea. Truth be told, I'd rather visit Pyongyang. But since that is a wee bit hard to do at the moment, I had to settle for a visit to the democratic south instead.

And boy, she didn't waste any time to win me over.
Right after deplaning, I headed straight to the water closet and found this:
(Pardon the subject but I think it is simply just bloody brilliant!)

That plastic wrap solves a multitude of problems. The "steppers" is one of them.
Couldnt' we have such a thing in our public restrooms back home?!
Please? Pretty please?
One only has to press that red button for the film/ plastic on the ream to be replaced with a new, fresh one. Isn't that just a clever thing?

I hope to share tidbits, a snapshot or two during my entire stay in Seoul. The detailed account of exactly what happened will be up in the next couple of days when I eventually get home.

Well, that's it for now since I still have to wake up early tomorrow.

annyeong-hi gyeseyo!

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