Seoul Searching: getting all teary at the Korean War Memorial Museum

11:54 PM

It was raining today. So instead of freezing my tushie walking the streets of Seoul, I've decided to visit two of its museums. And between the National Museum and the War Memorial Museum, I must say that I had a better time at the latter.

I think that, and you could quote me on this, if there's a museum you have to visit in your entire stay in South Korea, you have to spend atleast a good two solid hours in the War Memorial Museum.

You do have to remember that the war between the two Koreas isn't over. And this museum shows how much they value this temporary respite from that conflict. I love what was emblazoned on the front steps, "Freedom and Peace are not free".

DOG TAG TEAR DROP: In remembrance of the Korean soldiers and UN military participants who lost their lives in the Korean War, the respect towards the warriors (1,300 identification tags) has been embodied as tear drops. The iron thorns symbolise the horror, suppression and danger of the tragic war. The circle on the sand below represents the wave of the drop.

Both museums are free to the public, so don't think you have any excuse not to go.

Take the line 4 (the light blue line) and alight at Samgakji to get to War Memorial Museum. On the same line (the light blue line), alight at Ichon and foot it to the National Museum of Korea.

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