Seoul Searching: snowboarding on the slopes of Jisan Forest Resort

11:00 PM

I am no Kelly Clark but I sure had one fun day snowboarding on the slopes of Jisan Forest Resort. The plan was to get on skis but since they are completely foreign to a tropical flower like me, I opted for the snowboard instead. A board, at the very least, seemed familiar.

Strapping on my boots to the board was the first challenge. I absolutely had no idea how to do it. I wanted to ask for help from fellow holidaymakers but the language barrier and becoming a bother kept me from doing so. So instead, I stood next to a kid ( a kid!) and observed.

The second challenge was the simple business of moving. You see, before I got on the actual slopes, I tried moving across the foot of the slopes. I had this idea of going about it like a snowboarder, with one boot strapped on the board while the other pushes on the ground. (And it was how the snowboarders did it when they made their way for the chairlift.) When I finally had the hang of sliding across snow (which I would describe as sliding across gawgaw), I set my sights on doing it at an angle.

Stopping and getting that board where I wanted it to go was the biggest challenge of all. It was very hard! Visions of broken wrists and a broken skull made me stop trying at a height I can be proud of.

This trip to the slopes took an entire day, a fine day trip outside Seoul if you'd ask me.

Snow lessons on the slopes.
Here's a one-on-one class.

People just leave their skis and boards when they go in for a bite or just sit it out for a while.

I love that these snowboarders put on these silly costumes for their day on the slopes.

Some real live fire to warm some bodies.

Here's me and my (rented) board!

For more information about Jisan Forest Resort, visit 

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