The new Clark Airport Lounge in Tri-Noma

4:06 PM

Clark International Airport now has an airport lounge at Tri-Noma in Quezon City. This means that there are now regular and direct bus trips from Tri-Noma to Clark Airport and vice versa. And that, I think, is such a welcome relief for most of us. Heading to Clark from Tri-Noma cuts most of the problem spots along EDSA that could easily mean delay.

One of the very few times I flew from Clark Airport, I boarded a Philtranco bus in Pasay and almost missed my flight. We crawled along EDSA, from Pasay to Ortigas, for almost two and a half hours. Read about it here.

Perhaps the next time I take the bus to Clark, 'll try out this new Clark airport lounge and find out if they were right in claiming that its going to be  "hassle-free" connection.

They don't have a hotline, though.

Tri-Noma, an Ayala Mall, offers a new service to its customers. 
The airport lounge was inaugurated last January 15, 2013. 
A bright, shiny, and new lounge for passengers heading to Clark International  Airport. 

*all images from clark international airport's FB page

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