HOSTEL REVIEW: Hotel Papa Germano, Rome

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When I was looking for a hostel in Rome, I had only two things in mind - location, location, and price. I was arriving in Rome via train from Paris and knew that I had to find a decent hostel near Termini central train station.  As I was searching online for one that fits the bill,  I stumbled upon the Hotel Papa Germano.

The Hotel Papa Germano is actually rated as a two star hotel that offers private rooms with or without an ensuite private bathroom.  Back in the summer of 2011,  I stayed at the section of the hotel that was designed as a youth hostel which features dormitories and shared bathrooms.

I really liked this hostel because it was unpretentious, affordable (I only paid 22 euros per night!), and was at a good location.  Oh, and one more thing, I really like the owner of the hostel - a rather charming Italian old man. He was nice, helpful, and surprisingly funny.  In one of our many conversations,  I mentioned that I would love to live in Rome. To which he said to me, "You're too late. My son got married last year."

LOCATION:  Just four blocks away from the Termini central train station, it is close to ideal especially when you’re lugging behind 25 kgs of luggage. Futhermore, it's located in the city's historic center so all the major sites are within easy reach.  There are also restaurants, a grocery store, and a telephone center within the vicinity just in case you need to make a few overseas calls.  And if you care to explore the area, there are also some interesting sights and churches within walking distance. (2pts)

SECURITY: Rooms use old-fashioned keys. No keycards here.  (1.5pts)

CLEANLINESS: The mixed dorm was clean and the sheets were fresh. There’s a sink in the room and that was clean, too. (2pts)

STAFF: There was adequate staff and they were competent. (2pts)

CHARACTER: It’s a simple functional hostel. The beds, dresser, and closet were generic but the architecture of the hostel – with its high ceiling and tall shutter windows, was just lovely. (1.0 pts)

Total: 8.5 pts

Other things of note: 

WIFI: Free use of computer terminals.
BREAKFAST: Pay an extra five euros per day to partake in the breakfast buffet. 

Visit for more information. 

Here I am with the very nice hostel owner. Yes, I was really fat. Gawd. Look at my tummy! 
This mixed dorm sleeps four. The fourth bed is on the other side and on which I slept. 

Here's my single bed. 
I love that my bed is next to the tall windows. But as you can see, there's not much room for my luggage, just like in any hostel. 
The room had a dresser, closet, and a small flat screen TV. 

We had a sink and a hair dryer in the room since we didn't have an ensuite bathroom. We also had a coat rack that doubles as towel hooks. 

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