Madrid, the Vatican, and Pope Benedict XVI

9:29 PM

Today is the Pope's final day in office and yesterday, Wednesday, was his final audience at St. Peter's Square. I was watching him yesterday on the telly, bidding farewell to the faithful in different languages, and I couldn't help but get a bit teary-eyed. Sure, he wasn't as charismatic (or as good-looking) as his predecessor but I felt that he did give his very best at his job.  

Thank you, Pope Benedict XVI.

I never really got to have a good look at the Pope when I was in Madrid for World Youth Day 2011. But I do remember seeing a mere glimpse of him on his pope mobile and on the jumbotron at Quatro Vientos that final day of WYD. Even when I was in Rome that same summer, I wasn’t able to get to see him either.

I'm a catholic and a religious one at that. It's not something I shout from the rooftops not because I'm ashamed to be one. I am proud to be catholic. It's just that for me, one's faith is his/ her own business.

And on this momentous day in the history of the Catholic Church, I’d just like to share something. In the short time Pope Benedict XVI was the head of the church, I was blessed to be in his presence even for just a moment. 

 My one and only photo with the pope and he's on the jumbotoron at the Plaza de la Independencia in Madrid.

All smiles from the door of St. Peter's Basilica. The next time I'll be at St. Peter's Square, a new pope will be addressing the faithful . 

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  1. Being a Semi-Regular reader of yours,I understand your diiferences with Catholic Dogma,but I do thank you for being gracious to the pope.



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