Food Review: 4 Fingers

1:18 PM

After getting all worked up at the Travel Expo, my friends and I were more than happy to break for lunch. Raffy wanted to lunch where we can see the bay. I wanted something that’s affordable. And Cathy, well, just wanted to eat. In search of a good compromise, we headed towards the Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia and found ourselves entering the doors of 4 fingers

I haven't done a restaurant review on this blog and this is my first attempt. Hope it helps!


Food: It’s a good alternative to the other crispy chicken joint. I ordered the three-piece wing meal and I was pretty satisfied with it. The chicken was indeed crispy and the rice had garnish. Oh, and I found the presentation in a lunchbox and the graphics of the paper cup way better than the other chicken place. 

Service: It was good. They were quick getting the food out of the kitchen and on our tables considering that this was lunch hour.

Atmosphere: It was young, urban, and had a view of the bay.

Price: Affordable and competitive.

You order was you enter.

I like the white tiles! They're classic metro. 
Hot deals are posted on the front walls 
High table and chairs sit next to the counter. 
Number #5 at 4 fingers. 

I love it that they serve the chicken in a lunchbox!

4 Fingers
G/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City

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