Tower of Love

3:22 PM

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you're feeling the love that is all around.

I am currently local and about to have dinner tonight with some fab friends. While I am very happy with the marvelous company, I wouldn't mind being overseas in a place especially meant for lovers.

Here's one - the N' Seoul Tower in well, Seoul, South Korea.

If you don’t’ have enough money to fly to Paris just yet, perhaps you might jet off to Seoul first and climb up the hill to N’Seoul Tower. Here, lovers gladly wear their hearts on their sleeves and pledge their eternal love by attaching a lock on the balustrade of the deck. 

Thousands of locks are left there several hundred feet above sea level, to weather out the elements, perhaps symbolizing that their love is as steadfast and true.

But there's more to the N'Seoul Tower than these locks of love.

There's an observatory that gives you a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. Admission starts with 5,000 won for children, 7,000 won for the elderly, and 9,000 for adults.

There are also a couple of restaurants on the premises. The most celebrated of which is the french restaurant N Grill which is run by Michelin Star Chef Duncan Robertson. I didn't eat at the said restaurant but if its being run by a chef that has worked in Michelin restaurants 'Nobu' and 'Atelier de Joel Robuchon', how could you possibly go wrong?

For more information on N 'Seoul Tower, click here.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the rest of the day and again, happy love day! :) 

Climbed my way up from the very bottom. You can't even see the tower from here. 

Several hundred more steps to the tippy top. Good thing it was a cold day. Brrr. 

Would you? Graphics of one of the many benches on the platform. 
Here's a cute couple goofing around. 

Real-life couples spending an afternoon at the top. 
Bright smile amidst all these pledges of undying love. 
Lovers attach locks on to the balustrade, pledging their undying love and devotion. Look. Some of them are now rusty. 
Foreigners leave their mark, too.

Down there is the city of Seoul. 

They also have trees of locks. Evidently, the balustrades aren't enough. 

Rewarded myself with a cable ride going down. The one-way ticket cost me 6,000 won.

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