HOTEL REVIEW: Hotel Augmar, Madrid

1:00 PM

After a week of sleeping sleeping on the floor, taking communal showers, and spending a night in the dusty expanse of cuatro vientos,  I was just too happy to check-in to a proper hotel and be human again.

LOCATION: Standing along Paseo de Reina Cristina, the hotel Augmar is in a quiet gentrified neighborhood and is within walking distance of estacion de atocha, Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte de Reina Sofia, and Parque del Retiro. (2pts)

SECURITY: The hotel may seem old-er but when it comes to security, they are in this century. They use security cards here. (2pts.)

CLEANLINESS: The room we stayed in was pretty clean. The sheets were fresh and the bath was spotless. (2 pts.)

STAFF: I didn't have much interaction with much of the hotel people but the staff at the restaurant was definitely friendly and competent. (1.5 pts.)

CHARACTER: The hotel tries to age gracefully. In the lobby, it has retained it's classic features - chandeliers, wrought-iron staircases, etc. Yet in its rooms, at least in which we stayed in, the interiors features clean contemporary lines. (1.25 pts.)

TOTAL: 8.75 pts.

Twin beds for Sr. Yna and I.
The closet reminds me of super small apartments seen in movies and makeover shows. 
I often wonder if people actually use the desk when they're on holiday.
a toilet, a bidet, and a towel heater/ dryer. 
This stool, with the logo/ coat of arms of the hotel, is my favorite thing in the whole room.
The city of Madrid from our hotel balcony.
Here's the view across our balcony.

The restaurant where we had supper and breakfast. 
Some major bling in the lobby. 

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