HOTEL REVIEW: Tryp Barcelona Aeropuerto

6:25 PM

After traveling for eight hours on a bus from Madrid, we were just all too happy to arrive at our hotel - Tryp Barcelona Aeropuerto. Check-in was quick and stress-free. Stretching on the bed was such a treat. Though the supper at the hotel's restaurant was just okay - a pasta dish that didn't warrant a bookmark in the pages of my mind.

But this hotel had some redeeming qualities. Read on to find out what they are for me.

LOCATION: This branch of Tryp is located closer to the airport rather than it is to the city. A cab from the hotel to Placa Catalunya can run you up to 20 euros. So if you’re flying out the next day, this hotel is a good choice. But if you’re bent on experiencing the heady coolness of Barcelona, you’re better off checking-in at a hotel downtown. (0.5pt)

SECURITY:  Rooms use keycards, like any international hotel chain. (2pts.)

CLEANLINESS:  The room was spotless and the sheets were fresh. The shower was also clean and dry. Though, there were a few things left wanting. The shower curtain rod was easily dislodged and I couldn’t put it up again. Then, the shampoo and shower gel dispenser weren’t replenished, so we ran out during our stay. (1pt.)

STAFF: The people at the front desk were the epitome of friendliness and competency. Great! On the other hand, the wait staff at the dining room needs lessons on anger/ stress management. On our first night during supper, the stress in the room was palpable that the crew somehow took it on us.  They were curt when serving us dinner. One of the waiters snapped at me when I commented on my dinner. (1pt.)

CHARACTER: It’s a modern contemporary hotel that features clean lines that’s characteristic of most hotel chains. (1.75 pts.) 

TOTAL: 6.25 pts

Is Tryp Barcelona Aeropuerto a four star hotel or are those just decoration? 

Hallways look down to the bright lobby below. 
Two beds become one. 
Perhaps they might want to change this oldie to a flat screen TV? 
The desk also serves as a dresser. 
The shower features the basic necessities. 

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