SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY: Alternative Class at Biak na Bato, Bulacan

12:44 PM

Commencement exercises left and right made me nostalgic. 

So I thought it was just fitting to share this image when I was a university student. This was taken at Biak na Bato, Bulacan where my friends - Cathy, Johann, Dave, and I chose to take our alternative class somewhere out of town. 

You see in my uni, we had this alternative class program each year. It's that one day in the entire school year when a student attends an unusual class - pottery making, tarot card reading, mountain climbing, etc. And lakwatsero kids that we were, we thought of going on a trip to Bulacan. 

Bulacan is just couple of hours away from the city but boy did it offer such a change in scenery. Rice fields flank the roads. People and Animals wade in clean streams.  Rocky hills offer a rather tricky trek. 

This was my first attempt at spelunking, if I may use the term quite loosely. The caves weren't as deep as the ones in Sagada. Rather, they were like cave shelters we see in Hollywood films when the characters get lost in the jungle or stranded on an island. But being that, they didn't make the trek less easy. Which begs the question, why was I wearing cargo pants when the rest of my friends were in shorts? 

Here we are wading in the stream of Biak na Bato. 

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