30 Days of Summer: Beach-Hopping

1:03 PM

I blame the sweltering heat for apparently addling our brains. My friends had this idea to go beach-hopping in a single day and I, who should’ve been the voice of reason, went right along with it. The plan was to head down south to Batangas for some lovely time on the beach and then stay the night at Highlands in Tagaytay.  Unfortunately, the latter plan was shot when someone forgot to bring the keys to the house.

Here's the view from our lunch table. 

So we headed straight to Peninsula de Punta Fuego to book ourselves a casita but alas, they were all occupied. On a weekday, no less. But bent on staying and not return to the city, we booked ourselves a hotel room online and went for lunch near the water.

After which, we checked out the latest addition, Pico de Loro.

Boats and lounge chairs, what else does a person need?

But it was too hot for anyone to go to the water so we stayed in the shade and passed the time.
Then we drove to Terrazas de Punta Fuego where we got ourselves a cabana. The warm sea breeze lulled me to sleep the afternoon away while my friends enjoyed the beach. Unfortunately though, there was much jellyfish in the water and one of us got bitten.

Happy colors flap on the beach. 

Evidently, the hopping part of the plan was a success but enjoying the beach, personally, that wasn’t. So I guess, we just have to do it again. 

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