30 Days of Summer: a blue lorry

8:10 PM

I am blessed with a friend who knows how to make my heart sing.

Rafael treated me today to the Manila International Auto Show which was held at the World Trade Center Manila. There we saw the biggest names in the automobile industry like Ford and Toyota, as well as upstarts like JMC and Dong Feng.

I like cars just like the next guy and so had a grand time. But what mostly amused me though were the men who took photos with the scantily clad girls rather than the cars. In fact, an old fart who was walking away from the sexy girl at the Top Gear booth came up to me and said, 'Maganda ang hinaharap.'

I, too, appreciate the female form just like the next guy. The bodies sporting clothes a size smaller than they should didn't have a single ounce of fat in their body. But to me, their faces were buried under layers of make-up and didn't appeal to me, at all. Sorry.

This blue lorry is my most fave ride in the entire Manila International Auto Show. 

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